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                            Heat Pump Replacement & Repair
                                              Pomeroy, PA


Heat Pump Systems for South East PA

Many people are unsure of what a heat pump is or how it works. A heat pump is a versatile device that can be used as both a heating and cooling system and does not require complicated ductwork. They are a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to expensive central air systems. Heat pumps are simple to install and can heat and cool homes for a fraction of the cost of baseboards and wall heaters. If you are thinking about installing a heat pump in your home, the experts at JJJ TECHS INC can help you with everything from unit selection to annual maintenance.

Installation is straightforward and non-invasive.

Heat pumps (also referred to as ductless heat pumps) are more efficient and quieter than traditional central air systems. They are ideal for homes without ductwork as they only require a three-inch opening in a wall or ceiling. The installation is simple and can be accomplished in a few hours. The process includes mounting the indoor and outdoor units, connecting the refrigerant lines, and making a few electrical connections. The noninvasive installation process and quick turnaround time are just a few of the reasons heat pumps have become a popular alternative to traditional central air.

How does a Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump, in its most basic form, extracts heat from one location and transfers it to another. When it is cold outside, it will absorb the warmth and transfer it to your home. When it's hot outside, it simply reverses this process, transferring heat from inside to outside. A heat pump is technically known as a mechanical-compression cycle refrigeration system, but we prefer the simpler description. The basic components are also straightforward: an indoor unit known as an air handler and an outdoor unit that functions similarly to an air conditioner. A significant advantage of using a heat pump is that it simply moves heat rather than producing it, allowing for greater energy efficiency. It is also supported by electricity, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

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