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Quality HVAC, in New Holland, Pennsylvania, and Surrounding Areas

Our skilled technicians have the necessary skills and tools to repair the refrigerant leak in your HVAC system. When a leak is discovered, our HVAC technicians will not only repair and recharge AC system, but they will also clean and perform additional HVAC maintenance tasks to prevent future problems.

Do You Have HVAC Electrical Issues?

Working with electrical problems on your own is a dangerous activity that can endanger your life and property. If you have occasional power outages and suspect that bad wiring in your HVAC System is causing them, don't attempt this dangerous job. Please contact us if you require assistance. JJJ TECHS INC's technicians are all certified electricians with extensive knowledge and experience with A/C wiring.

A faulty external fan is a common problem with heating and air conditioning systems. Our technical team has been working on this type of A/C problem for years, so it is already a simple task. Our expertise in this area can assist you in avoiding potential compressor damage.

Are Your Filters Clogged?

A major issue is a blocked airflow is frequently caused by dirty air filters, resulting in the freezing of the inside coil. We provide the appropriate filter as proof that we place the highest value on our customers' health. These filters include HEPA, MERV, and Pleated, each with its own set of characteristics tailored to your specific requirements.

You can beat the heat and cold weather in New Holland, PA, and surrounding areas if you have a well-functioning HVAC unit. The only way to accomplish this is to have a dependable and well-maintained cooling system. Allow our HVAC technicians to perform tune-ups, recharge refrigerant levels, clean and replace air filters, and other HVAC maintenance services to help your unit last longer and use less energy.

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